• Zoe Hooton

    Zoe Hooton

Zoe Hooton

Architecture Lead

5 bits of advice to my teenage self…

  • The milk round, the call centre, the 5 am cleaning job, the shovelling crap, the cleaning glasses, the rude people shouting at you. Its all a phase and it teaches you how to work hard, how to be humble and how to work as a team

  • Just keep going

  • You shouldn’t worry so much

  • Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re not worthy

  • You’re on your own journey

About me

As a teenager…

I was anxious, sporty and legs didn’t quite catch up to my body til my late teens.

After school…

I used to attend athletics club and play rugby. I also used to draw for hours on end, work at a stable yard and help my brother.

Now I’m…

an Architect. I studied at Newcastle University, then worked in London for a number of years , I did my post Graduate Diploma at Kingston University London and received a scholarship to study in New Zealand which lead to an around the world adventure. I returned to my home city of Lancaster and qualified as an Architect whilst working in practice. I’m now one of the Directors of the company and I’ve just completed another Masters in Historic Conservation of the Built Environment at Birmingham City University.