What is E2M?

E2M is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Registered Charity Number 1183572) that aims to help ALL 11-18s in the Lancaster & Morecambe area to escape from boredom, social media, loneliness and any pressure at school or home by providing workshops and short courses hosted by local businesses, national businesses, local artists and university students. All the workshops and courses are designed to help young people make things, make friends and make a difference in the community.

How did E2M happen? See THE STORY SO FAR


Who is E2M for?

ALL 11-18 year olds in the Lancaster & Morecambe Area are welcome to come to the E2M workshops, courses and events.

No one is excluded from being involved.

Absolute beginners are definitely welcome.

Is it Free?

At the moment all the workshops are 100% FREE. All we ask is that if you book a workshop or course you turn up and if you need to cancel that you let us know with lots of notice. This is because some of the courses are expensive for us to run and we might be able to offer your place to someone else.

We would like E2M workshops and courses to always be free because we want to give everyone equal opportunities. However we need to raise a lot of funding to do that. If you want to donate money or raise some funding somehow for us it would be a huge help. Watch the ‘Get Involved' page for details coming soon of how you can raise funds for E2M and how you can donate to keep us going.

When is it happening?

We have fortnightly FREE workshops, Yoga Club, Press Club and Film Club. You can sign up to these on our WHAT'S ON page.

Along with the ongoing clubs we have been producing celebratory events.

2022 saw us deliver our first EVER Green Festival – with 13 different 5-week creative workshops leading up to it. We are hitting 2023 with 10 5-week creative programs that result in a Cabaret (and maybe a paint rave or two) and other surprises – as well as adding 3 more ongoing groups! Head to the WHAT'S ON page and REGISTER to sign up so we can keep you posted.

Where are we based?

At the moment E2M doesn’t have a building. The workshops take place around Lancaster District - but it’s very difficult finding venues that are suitable for E2M workshops.

Our survey of 200 11-18's told us that 79% of young people feel there’s no where safe to go to hang out after school in the area. We really need a building. And we want it to be amazing!

E2M have a dream to build a building in Lancaster with spaces for young people to go when they’re not at school. Somewhere to chill, socialise and make stuff.

A group of 11-18’s have got together with various builders, set designers, magicians, psychologists, innovators to work with Harrison Pitt Architects to design a truly amazing space.

If you are 11-18 and want to help, we would love any thoughts, ideas and sketches for the building please. Everything you send will be considered - just go to our SUGGESTIONS BOX and post your ideas.

What are the E2M rules?

We only have one rule at our workshops and courses - be kind to yourself and be kind to others. That’s it.

(Oh and we ask you to put your phones away during workshops)

Who's behind E2M?

  • A production team of 4 who make the workshops happen
  • A group of 15 young people and architects, builders, set designers, professors, magicians, psychologists, innovators who are designing the future E2M Building.
  • A board of 10 who meet monthly

Go to WHO'S WHO to see who they are (and what they were like as teenagers!).

  • A lot of generous, big hearted companies who have given their time, services or equipment for free. Great supporters, several advocates and generous funders.


In our survey you said making things and taking part in activities you enjoy makes you feel










Great…like I lose the sense of time


Like I’m in a dream