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Youth Board

Hi, my name is Anuhya and I am in Year 7 at LGGS. I have always been quite an artistic personality and I enjoy creating pieces that involve a brush stroke of imagination. I am an explorer when it comes to trying new things! My personality is bold and bright and I love bringing smiles on people’s faces. Alongside being quite an extroverted, social person, I express my thoughts well – so Public Speaking is one of my strengths!  Currently, I am in the Lancaster City U12s football team (former captain) and I am further traversing through a wide variety of sports, a very strong passion of mine, as I just love getting involved and active.

At school, my favourite subject is Maths (I am an academic person) but I love lots of other subjects like Drama and Art (there is a VERY long list). This is why my interest was sparked by E2M and the wide range of events/ workshops. Being a part of E2M is helping me express my thoughts and ideas in a positively influential way, and the creativeness we all work together to build is amazing! I loved the clubs and events I have attended as part of E2M and the chance to interact with others and let artistry run wild is really fun!

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