• Jenny

Jenny Natusch

Founder of E2M

5 bits of advice to my teenage self…

  • Never ever stop daydreaming!

  • You’re not stupid! There are different kinds of intelligence and the world needs all kind of minds!

  • Don't worry about deciding on one career. You can re-invent yourself as many times as you like

  • Be kind – to yourself and others

  • Do what you love! Money and letters after your name won’t be important on your death bed. Create a life that feels good. (Hint: Being creative and helping others are 2 of the best feelings on earth!)

About me

As a teenager…

I was often in trouble for daydreaming. I was hopeless at sport and most subjects were a struggle. My reports were usually terrible and I thought I was stupid. I became the ‘class clown’ and often got in trouble. I was no angel, however one highlight of my week was visiting a granny I adopted through Age Concern – I used to love cheering her up and it made me feel like I made a difference to someone! For a longtime I thought I was rubbish at art, however when I was about 15 a new inspiring art teacher arrived, who encouraged me and helped me try different things. I started keeping sketchbooks, printing fabric, making hats and all kinds of things. Not much of what I made was great – but it didn’t matter, I’d found a passion, something to practice at, something to absorb me. Suddenly everything else in life felt easier!

After school…

I headed to Manchester to do a year long art foundation course. I got to try loads of different kinds of art and left to go to Art College in Surrey to do textiles. Then I moved to London to become a children’s wear designer and after a few years of that, and losing my job, I decided to write TV program ideas. I was on the dole and housing benefit and really didn’t know how on earth to write a TV program. I didn’t even have a telly. Amazingly, the BBC commissioned one of my ideas and I got to fly around the world making survival game shows for a couple of years. After that I helped set up and market a couple of (really boring!) legal services/technology businesses. I sold the last business a few years ago and vowed that I’ll only work on projects that are exciting, creative and make a difference – because I’ve realised that they’re the things that make me feel fulfilled.

Now I’m…

A mum and a step mum to 4 teenage girls. I’m setting up E2M, which combines all of my loves – having ideas, creating, producing, marketing and meeting lots of interesting people.