A new youth centre – to be built in a former brewery in Lancaster – will address the shortage of safe and dedicated spaces for young people to escape boredom, loneliness, and social media.

Escape2Make (E2M), an inclusive youth charity in Lancaster and Morecambe, is developing the creative hub for 11-18-year-olds.

The designs have been worked on by young people from E2M’s architecture group over the past four years, with help from local architects HPA and more recently Urban Place Network.

Jack, aged 15 from Lancaster said: “I wouldn’t be here without Escape2Make. The building is going to be so important for young people, so they don’t go through a bad time, like I did with my mental health…and get in trouble with the police.”

It’s hoped the building will be fully functional by 2028 and will provide young people with free hands-on creative workshops and community events.

Bill Kistler, E2M’s chair, and a former VP of Disney and an expert in urban regeneration, said: “This project is a movement rather than just a building. By empowering young people to co-design and co-create their own spaces, E2M aims to unlock their potential as the next generation of leaders and change-makers.”

The project has gained support from Lancaster University, local businesses and stakeholders in the arts, education, and social services sectors.

The centre will become a symbol of youth development and cultural regeneration, not only in Lancaster but also across the UK and beyond.

*E2M participants at the project site *
*what the building could look like*

Lancaster University has pledged its support to help develop a financially sustainable model that can be shared with other communities who are interested in replicating the project.

Rachel Beauchamp from Lancaster University said “We are pleased to have a talented group of MBA students working on this project with E2M. The global experiences of the Lancaster MBA cohort paired with the strength and passion of the E2M team has fantastic potential and we are looking forward to what the project will produce.”

To make their vision a reality, E2M is currently seeking funding and partners.

They are also inviting young people and community members to share their ideas and feedback on the project through their website and social media channels.

The project has the potential to provide young people with a safe and supportive environment where they can develop their creativity and leadership skills.

For further information contact info@escape2make.org or visit www.escape2make.org

*E2M Chair, Bill Kistler has a fireside chat with the young people who have helped to co-design the building*