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Escape2Make Lift the Curtain on a Youth Led Cabaret Event

Local press deems the youth led showcase a “Resounding success!”

The Cabaret was held at the Alhambra in the heart of Morecambe and was a celebration of 10 creative programmes that ran for 5 weeks. Around 150 young people signed up to our workshops and those who attended worked hard to cater for and entertain over 140 guests!

The audience was treated to a foraged starter, a smoke cooked main meal and an Arabic dessert while they enjoyed music, cartoon portraits, magic, laughter, film, poetry, and fashion!

A guest who was a parent of one of the participants sent this feedback after the curtain had come down: –

“I found the whole Cabaret an amazing experience from start to finish. My son was totally engaged from the start! I was flabbergasted at the confidence he demonstrated on the first session of the stand-up comedy (I arrived early to pick him up and he was up doing stand-up in front of others!)

On the evening I felt so humble to be part of such a spectacular event. From the moment I entered the room it felt magical. I had my caricature drawn by a young lady who did a wonderful professional job. The three-course meal created by the young people was top notch! The poetry made me cry as it poured straight from the young people’s heart!

Watching the whole event, magicians, the architect’s group, up-cycled fashion, everything was a huge inspiration to me as an art teacher working and living in the local community! This must become an institution! Make the ‘Cabaret’ a regular that young people make happen. Thank you to all involved! Amazing and inspiring!”

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