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    Lucy Hutchinson

Lucy Hutchinson


5 bits of advice to my teenage self…

  • Your time will come, work hard and you’ll reap the benefits later on

  • It’s ok to feel unsure about the future, focus on making the most of now

  • It’s ok to be quiet; in a world where nobody can stop talking, sometimes being the one who listens means you can stand up and make a difference

  • There’s only one of you, you’re important and you matter

  • If all else fails, goof out and be silly!

About Me

As a teenager…

I was a bit of a geek and a bit of an emo! I had a bit of my hair shaved and the rest of my hair was always bright colours. I usually wore a slipknot hoodie and lots of eyeliner. I loved being creative (I still do) and Art was my favourite subject at school, followed by Media Studies at A-Level. Although very socially awkward, I sang in the school choir and played the lead role in a couple of school plays.

After school…

I would draw, go skateboarding with my friends and play the bass guitar with my brother.

Now I’m…

Working in student support, helping people to build confidence through work experience. In my spare time I love weightlifting and I’m also a cub leader (lots of campfires and marshmallows). I have a cat called Jazzy and I’m obsessed with Cheese.