Fashion Upcycling

Fashion Upcycling

Saturday 06 July 2019

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Assembly Rooms Emporium, ,


Your old clothes are doing nothing in your wardrobe or dresser. How about you up-cycle them? With painting and sewing techniques you can turn your old tatters into exciting new garments. Your creativity has no limits.


Please bring an item of clothing/fabric (jumpers, trousers, coats, pillow cases, blankets, etc) that can be up-cycled.

The workshop address is Assembly Rooms Emporium, King Street, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 1JN

We stress that you come at least 10 minutes before scheduled time, in order to ensure the workshop begins punctually.

Please register from the button below.


We are filming all of the workshops for Escape2make in June and July 2019 as promotional material for the ongoing publicity and funding for the project. Please note that it is a condition of attending the workshop that you agree to be filmed .

We really appreciate your support for these workshops and the future of Escape2make.

All children 16 and under must have parental permission for filming.


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